Dental Veneers Erase Your Smile Flaws!
  • Get a natural-looking smile with custom veneers
  • Create a beautiful smile by hiding your flaws
  • See stunning results in as few as two visits

Get a Smile People Will Remember With Dental Veneers in Anoka

Stats Image More than 1 in 3 adults thinks an unattractive smile makes a person look less attractive. Source.
Few of us are lucky enough to have naturally perfect teeth. Even if you do, life can make your smile look less than perfect over time with stains, chips, and general wear-and-tear. Many people can and have transformed their flawed smiles with dental veneers in Anoka, MN. This cosmetic dental service can do a lot:

  • Conceal the things you don’t like about your teeth
  • Give you a more attractive smile
  • Make you look younger and healthier
  • Improve your confidence
  • Last for many years with proper care
  • Look great with nothing more than regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings

Call 763-401-6430 today. By getting veneers at Keller and Vasko Dentistry, you could have a new and improved smile in a matter of a few weeks.

Give Yourself a Dream Smile That’s Built to Last

Veneers have proven themselves to be an invaluable service for countless patients who want great smiles. At our office, you can choose between e.max ceramic or porcelain veneers. These look like your real teeth, but better! One of the big reasons veneers are popular is because they can do so many things:

  • Hide stubborn stains
  • Fix cracks and chips
  • Close small gaps between teeth
  • Hide crooked or crowded teeth
  • Revive the appearance of worn teeth
  • Change misshapen and worn-down teeth

You decide what you want your smile to look like. We remove a thin layer of enamel and take an impression of your teeth. This is used to custom design a set of veneers to for you. When your veneers are ready, you will come back to see us. We will make sure they fit, then we bond them to your teeth. In a matter of a few weeks, you could have your brand-new smile!

The preparation and placement processes both involve minimal discomfort. We can numb your mouth beforehand, and you can also receive dental sedation if you’d like.

Call 763-401-6430 today to make an appointment to discuss dental veneers in Anoka, MN. Don’t wait any longer to get the smile of your dreams! Let us upgrade the appearance of your teeth.

Common Questions About Dental Veneers

Are dental veneers painful?

Our dedicated team will make sure that your veneers treatment is completely comfortable. We may need to remove a small amount of tooth enamel to place your veneers, but this process will not cause you any pain. We can use a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort, plus sedation is available if you’re nervous about your veneers treatment.

Do dental veneers look fake?

Your dentist can make your new veneers look just like your natural teeth. They’ll work with you to choose veneers that match your smile and blend in naturally. Once your veneers are in place, your smile will look beautiful, and you’ll be proud to show it off!

Can you whiten dental veneers?

Unlike your natural teeth, dental veneers cannot be whitened. For this reason, we recommend you first whiten your teeth to the desired level of whiteness, then we’ll match the veneers to them. With touch-up whitening treatment on occasion, you can maintain a brilliantly white smile year-round.