Keep Your Smile Looking Its Best With Our Tooth Fillings in Anoka

One in four adults in the United States has an untreated cavity. Tooth decay is the most common oral healthy issue. Fortunately, it is also easy to treat with tooth fillings in Anoka, MN. With our fillings, you can:

  • Bite and chew without pain or sensitivity
  • Prevent decay from becoming a tooth infection
  • Maintain your natural smile
  • Feel confident about your oral health
  • Smile freely without showing gray or black fillings

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Choose Dental Fillings & Protect Your Smile

Most people don’t give much thought to fillings until they need one or more. There was a time when metal fillings were your only option. Whether they were gold or amalgam, these fillings did a good job. Our composite fillings do something those metal fillings don’t, however. They blend in with your other teeth, so they look completely natural in your smile.

Here’s why you should get a tooth-colored filling:

  • Function – Any filling will restore the function of your teeth. This allows you to eat and drink without pain.
  • Protection – All fillings provide a level of protection against further decay. Over time, fillings can wear down and become loose, which is why they will need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Appearance – This is what sets composite fillings apart from metal ones. By using a special resin, your fillings can be shaded and polished to look like a part of your natural tooth.

You can get fillings for new cavities or to replace older, worn-down fillings. We want you to be cavity-free for life, but we know that more than 90 percent of the population will develop at least one cavity during their lives.

Keep doing the things you should to fight cavities. Brush, floss, and visit us for regular cleanings and exams. Don’t wait to get help if you suspect you have decay.

Call 763-401-6430 to get your tooth fillings in Anoka, MN. Our team will get your smile back to looking great and being healthy.