Show Off a Full Smile With Dentures in Anoka

Missing teeth have been a problem for thousands of years. As far back as 2500 BC, humanity has been using artificial teeth to close the gaps in smiles. People still don’t want to live with missing teeth. The good new is, we’ve come an amazingly long way since then. Today dentures in Anoka are a highly versatile solution. With this option, you will:

  • Restore your ability to enjoy your meals comfortably
  • Improve your dietary intake for better nutrition
  • Boost your confidence about your appearance
  • Look younger and more energetic
  • Enjoy teeth that look more lifelike than ever
  • Find choices that feel and function more like natural teeth

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Replace Your Teeth With Lifelike Dentures Options

You probably think of your grandparent’s false teeth when considering dentures. However, modern denture options are better than ever. They’re made of higher quality materials than the ones from the past. Plus, you can expect them to fit you better.

When you come to our office for your consultation, your dentist will begin with a complete exam, including digital X-rays and photos with our intraoral camera. This helps us determine if your gums are in in good enough health to support dentures, or if we need to extract any remaining teeth. We’ll also capture impressions that are used to create your new teeth.

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, we may recommend:

  • Removable Dentures – These are the traditional dentures most familiar to patients. They’ll be customized just for you. They’ll stay in your mouth with suction and adhesive. You’ll remove them at night for cleaning and to give your mouth a rest.
  • Partial Dentures – If you have any healthy teeth remaining, you may want to consider partial dentures. A partial clasps onto your teeth to close the gap. It’s an affordable way of replacing missing teeth. Plus, it prevents your teeth from shifting and creating more dental complications.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – Implants give your new teeth a lifelike feel and function. You can snap your dentures into place on top of your implants. They’ll be removable as well. We’ll refer you to a specialist to place your implants. Then you’ll return to us for your custom teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – Your dentures will remain secure in your mouth without adhesive. A specialist will place implants. Then you’ll return to our office to get your arch of replacement teeth. You won’t need to remove your teeth for cleaning. You’ll take care of them with your usual oral hygiene habits.
  • Temporary Teeth – You’ll never be without your teeth again, no matter which option you choose. We’ll give you a set of temporary teeth to wear while we create your custom set or while you are healing from implant placement.

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