Get a Brand New Smile With All-on-4 Dental Implants in Anoka

Dental implants can be a life-changing way to replace your missing teeth. Your jawbone stays healthy, and your bite function remains strong. However, if you have bone loss in your jaw, traditional implant placements may require you to have surgical procedures in preparation. That’s why so many patients love All-on-4 dental implants in Anoka. This technique will:

  • Prevent the need for surgical procedures to boost your jawbone health
  • Help you avoid further bone loss in your jaw
  • Allow you to chew and bite the foods you love without difficulty
  • Keep your new teeth in place without adhesive
  • Give you confidence in your smile again

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Secure Your Teeth to Fewer Dental Implants

The phrase All-on-4 (though we often use more than four implants) refers to the number of implants you are receiving. Usually, a full-arch teeth replacement requires eight or more implants. However, this advanced treatment method uses four or more. By securing your new teeth with fewer implants, you can expect many benefits:

  • Minimally Invasive Treatment – In most cases, you won’t need any procedure to prepare your mouth for the implants. As a result, it’s a less involved way of getting implant dentures. We will refer you to an oral surgeon to place your implants. They’ll determine if anything is needed in preparation.
  • Faster Healing Time – Because fewer implants are placed, your mouth heals faster. You’ll be able to enjoy your fully functional teeth much sooner than with other kinds of implant dentures.
  • Less Expensive – Since fewer materials are involved in this technique, your costs will be less. We’ll give you a complete estimate on treatment so you know what to expect.

Once the implants have been placed, your mouth will need time to heal. However, you will have a temporary set of teeth to wear during this period. You’ll never be without a complete smile again! After some time has passed, you’ll return to our office for your final arch of custom teeth.

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