Maintain Your Complete Smile With Mouthguards in Anoka

You want to keep your attractive smile intact for as long as possible. It’s why you brush and floss daily and why you get regular dental cleanings and exams. However, you need to keep in mind that cavities and gum disease aren’t the only things that put your smile at risk. If you play sports or grind your teeth, you can experience physical injuries to your teeth. Thankfully, we can make custom mouthguards in Anoka, MN to keep your smile looking its best.

The right protection can:

  • Prevent dental cracks and breaks
  • Keep teeth from coming out of their sockets
  • Give you peace of mind about avoiding sports injuries
  • Fit perfectly without a boil-and-bite process
  • Stop you from grinding your teeth together
  • Eliminate jaw pain and frequent headaches

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Let Us Protect Your Winning Smile

At our general dental office, we want to keep your teeth healthy and your smile complete for life. That means protecting your teeth wherever you may be. That’s why we are happy to make custom mouthguards for you and your loved ones in our office. You can get either of these from us:

  • Sports Mouthguards – Anyone who plays sports knows that injuries can happen. You should wear a mouthguard if your sport involves jumping, running and stopping often, physical contact, or throwing, catching, or hitting something. A custom mouthguard offers the best protection. Plus, it is more comfortable to wear than bulky store-bought mouthguards.
  • Night Guards – Grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep takes a toll on your smile. It can also cause headaches and jaw pain, and interfere with your sleep. Get a personalized night guard to stop the grinding, alleviate your pain, and get better rest.

Call 763-401-6430 now to get your custom mouthguards in Anoka, MN at Keller and Vasko Dentistry.